July 7th 2009

‘Meat In The Sandwich’

What fantastic weather we’ve had! glorious sunshine and great biking weather…

I had the pleasure of Policing the Henley Royal Regatta this week… but it was hard work, 90+ degree heat and in full leathers… that was bad enough, what was worse was the putting on of still wet leathers from the sweat the day before (yes i know, Yuck!)… and i won’t mention the state of my lid!!

For those of you that have been to the Regatta you will know that we install a one way system to access the car parks and have done so for many,many years…yet it still bemuses me that some people don’t quite ‘get it’.

Now, let’s see…2 x ‘No Entry’ signs , 1 x ‘No Right Turn’ sign, 1 x Physical plastic barrier , 1 x copper and his bike all at the top of the junction.

Now i would be pretty safe in betting that it would be a ‘No Entry’ in anyones language, right?


I still had motorists trying to go down the junction, but the worse one was the guy who turned right and started to drive round me…i stopped him and the conversation went something like this;

“Sir, two no entry signs, one no right turn, one physical barrier and me, surely you must see it’s strictly ‘No Entry’ here?”

“Well my satNav told me to turn right”

I suggested he turn off the satnav and start abiding by the highway code…he agreed.

On the way back to the base last week i was filtering on the M4 between junctions 8/9 and 7, i was being followed by a 954 FireBlade and a BMW GS…all was going well until i watched the GS move up alongside a LGV..his progress was halted by a van ahead in lane 3…so the GS was in lane 3 beside a LGV in lane 2 and a car behind closed the ‘door’ to make him ,effectively, the ‘meat in the sandwich, if anything had happened with that LGV then he was stuck in between the LGV and the armco..a cold dark place to be.

I always make sure i have a ‘landing spot’ beyond any large vehicle when passing…a little discipline and patience is all it takes.

Moving on… some of you will know that the penalty for a non-conforming index plate now attracts a fine of £60… any plate mis-represented in any way shape or form or not conforming will get you a roadside chat… ‘letterbox’ styles, incorrect fonts, spacing, the lot… continually abuse the plate and the DVLA have the power to revoke the bikes number… regardless if it’s a private plate or not, the money paid for a private plate is merely giving you the permission to use it, you don’t OWN it so you run the risk of losing it if you continually abuse the rules… this is a touchy area with a lot of bikers , i know… most bikers that alter a plate do so for reasons of vanity… they like to enhance the appearance of the bike… but you will now attract attention so for those of you with those plates, think about it!

Keep it safe,