June 1 2009

“Target Acquired”

“I don’t know what happened, I just saw the hedgerow looming up and the bike just headed straight for it, I couldn’t get the bike round”

That was the reply to my “What happened?” at a single motorcycle collision I attended in Bracknell this week…single rider, smart R6 (at least it was before the hedgerow/bike interaction) and no other road user involvement.

Fortunately the rider suffered no more than a scuffed set of leathers, bruised bottom and a few blushes…it had the potential to be a lot worse, mind.

Left and right hand sweeping bends claim quite a few two-wheeled scalps…even experienced riders will admit to being ‘caught out’ by the odd bend, however for the less experienced rider it’s usually the result of ‘Target Fixation’.

“Target what?” I hear you say…

“Target Fixation” is something that is more common than you realise, but what is it?

Have you ever found yourself mid-corner and suddenly you find you’re getting a bit too close to the kerbside?

You then inadvertently start looking at the kerbside, the very thing you want to avoid and your stare is fixed to that kerbside (could also be a wall/tree/hedgerow etc)… unfortunately what then happens is your eyes are telling your brain that’s where you want to go and you find it increasingly difficult to break that fixation with your target and the result can be self explanatory, yep you head straight for it… many riders have experienced this but can’t explain it.

Moving on, the glorious weather over the last weekend has produced masses of riders… but what’s with the T-shirts and shorts?!!!

Nothing says you can’t wear them but I do wonder why some don’t bother putting on the right kit for riding…

Fox’s Diner was heaving last weekend, nice to see a broad mix of bikes and the atmosphere was great…

Anyway, what are you all sitting here reading this for? Look at the weather!! It’s June!! Get out there and enjoy your bikes!!