National rally to finish in Thames Valley

Hundreds of motorcyclists are set to finish a marathon journey at Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes, next month.

Organised by the Auto Cycle Union and the British Motorcyclists Federation, the National Road Rally of England visits 51 different checkpoints throughout the country.

The checkpoints stretch from Harrogate in the north, to Winchester in the south, and from the Welsh border to Ipswich.

The event is a navigational scatter rally, which means riders can decide their own route and visit checkpoints in any order, as long as they finish at Bletchley Park. It also means the event is not a race, but a test of navigational skill.

The rally starts at 2pm on Saturday 4 July and finishes in Milton Keynes at 10am on Sunday 5 July. Around 800 bikers are expected to take part in the rally.

Other checkpoints in the Thames Valley are located in Burford, Abingdon and Deddington in Oxfordshire, Bracknell and Newbury in Berkshire and Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.

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