July 24th 2009

‘You Picking on me?’

Ok, where did you put the heatwave? whoever ordered this rain can you come and collect it please!

Hope you’ve all been having a good start to the ‘official’ summer, for those of you with kids the summer hols are now upon you and i bet your hours in the saddle will be replaced with trips to Legoland as opposed to Foxes Diner! (I speak from bitter experience).

I’ve just had a week long Motorcycle refresher course up at Banbury in the wettest of conditions… no,really i mean W E T… but to keep my Class 1 ‘ticket’ you have to do it!

As usual took in some amazing biking routes in and around Eynsham and Stow and Marlborough, weather wasn’t great but the course is intense and you don’t think to much about how wet your getting…it’s an annual course so i’m grateful it was in July!

I was asked this morning about the way the Police are percieved to ‘pick on’ bikers, you know…attend known bike meets and stop bikers with non comforming registration plates, black visors and aftermarket exhausts and why car drivers are left ‘alone’..

Fact is, it’s a bit of a ‘no-brainer’ if you consider how many cars on the road there are to the amount of motorcyclists there are we are heavily outnumbered, cars are stopped far more than bikes are and are stopped for good reason (as is any motorist or road user).

You see, and lets be honest, lets take an average ‘summertime’ rider who unveils his/her say, CBR600RR , for the annual summer bikefest and imminent summer months of riding… on his/her bike he/she has a ‘letterbox’ style number plate, he/she also has a nice set of aftermarket pipes which did possess a baffle but he/she has removed them and stuck them under the seat (this sound familiar to any of you? c’mon be honest!)


Illegal plate Check.

Illegal exhaust Check.

This rider has knowingly added illegal parts to his/her bike then complains when stopped and dealt with by Police… what did they expect? a pat on the back?

If you ride sensibly, have a road legal and road worthy bike you are not going to draw any attention to yourself!… but stick on things that are illegal and can be HEARD and SEEN at a glance is going to attract attention.

Bike meets are targetted because, unfortunately, there is a ‘hooligan’ element that attend these meets, these are the minority who spoil it for others, you know they type, ham-fisted wheelies,round and round roundabouts in the ‘knee-down GP’ and the ‘I can wear my £130 rear tyre down quicker than you’ burnout brigade.

So, the public complain and Police will act.

What else was to be expected?

I like bike meets in fact, tell me where they are and i’ll come!!! (no, i won’t turn up with a laser)

Car ‘Cruises’ are also attended by Police as well for those concerned that we don’t act on them as well…and illegal number plates,illegal lighting, illegal window tints are all dealt with as rigorously as you would expect…

Right, I’m off to prep the GSXR for a run this Sunday… (prep = put petrol in it!)

Keep it upright!