August 7th 2009

‘Going on to Solids’

I thought it was global ‘warming’ we were experiencing and not global ‘wetting’ this august… i do wonder…

Pretty hectic start to the August month, lots going on at the moment in the way of two wheeled mayhem, Bulldog Bash is on , a few open days, and a Hein Gerecke sale has started… (you can never have enough kit!)

TVP riders have, along with our Wiltshire colleagues, the very sad task of escorting our fallen Soldiers from Lyneham to Oxford and it is very humbling to see the turn out of the general public who wish to show thier respects, it’s a very hard duty to carry out but one that is done with the utmost professionalism and honour, I hope it’s not a duty i have to do often.

I have had quite a good debate with the readers of ‘Performance Bike’ magazine through the online forum ( over the issue of solid white lines…

this arose from a video posted by surrey police with regards to a minority of bikers riding in and around the box hill areas..this particular video showed a rider snapping off a few overtakes on solid white lines.

one of the points raised was that some lines are ‘inapproriate’ to a bike as it can negotiate the overtake and be back in plenty of time, the feeling was that the lines were effective for cars but not bikes in some instances.

i could see the point being made but i had to disagree, to me it was simple, a solid white line is a no overtake, end of story.

One of the earliest things ever taught to me as a rider by my first police instructor (Phil Curtis) was that out in the big wide world is another me (i hope not,what a thought)..joking aside, i was told that i should always imagine the ‘other me’ coming in the opposite direction and that the ‘other me’ would ride in the identical fashion…so if i risked an overtake on a solid white line you can bet your life your ‘other you’ would, the results are self explanatory.

So, i keep looking for me…apart from the penalty points and fine i don’t fancy another GSXR on a collision course with me!

It was nice to meet some other riders at the TRL track for the ASL tests carried (advanced Stop Lines) these are the lines that are set further ahead at lights to accomodate cyclists, well TRL are seeing if it can accomodate us as well!

fingers crossed, after all it was TRL that helped get us the use of bus lanes..

Finally, it was lovely to see the 30+ riders and pillions that turned out last weekend in a rideout to celebrate our colleague and good friend Mike Keane who we sadly lost recently…it was a great turn out and a nice day, i think we’re going to make it an annual run and make it an open invite to all..

Have a cracking weekend,