Free assessments for motorcyclists in Thames Valley

Motorcyclists in Thames Valley are being offered the chance to get their riding skills assessed for free by a police motorcyclist.

Officers will be carrying out the assessments at open days and events across Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

After checking participants’ motorcycles are legal, they will go out with two people at a time during an hour-long session.

At the end of the ride they will debrief the riders to advise them where their skills could be improved and, if necessary, point them towards advanced training.

To offer the service to as many bikers as possible, roads policing officers want to hear from motorcycle groups, dealers and event organisers.

Insp Bob Jarrett said:

“We want to hear from anyone organising a motorcycle-based open day or event and who would like us to offer free rider assessments.

“Our aim is to keep you safe and riding for years to come by passing on advice that will help you become a better rider. If your riding ability improves, the chance of you becoming another casualty is reduced.

“There are a number of errors common to many of the serious injury and fatal collisions involving motorcyclists and we would like the opportunity to pass on very simple tips to reduce the risk of you getting injured or worse.

“How many times have you been out for a ride and thought, ‘that was close!’ or ‘that corner was tighter than I thought’?

“Have you ever been given a problem by debris on the road or had a close shave with another road user?

“Although it may not have been your fault, it may have been avoidable with more knowledge or some riding tips. Saying ‘it was my right of way’ is little consolation if you’re seriously injured, or worse.

“The assessment is not a test and whatever your ability, we hope you will benefit from riding with us.

“Hopefully it will whet your appetite to take further training while improving your personal safety and riding skills.”

You can visit our training page to register your interest in additional training.

If you are organising an event, run a motorcycle club or dealership and would like Thames Valley Police to carry out assessments, phone Rob Langton at roads policing operations on 0845 8 505 505