September 21st 2009

‘Fingers in my ears La La La’

‘Indian Summer!’ i hear the weather men say… ok, watch this space as they say…

Hope your all well and squeezing what is left out of summer… i know i am!

Just returned from a biking holiday in France, 15 of us on some fine roads and some very humbling sights from the town of Arromanches where some of the D-Day landings took place… if you ever get the opportunity to visit i thoroughly recommend it.

On the downside of enjoying the bike i came across a couple of incidents last week on how NOT to enjoy your bike…

My first encounter was a rider of a blue ZXR10 who felt the need to ‘filter’ between lanes 2/3 of the M4 between jct 8/9 and 10….i will simply say that his speed was ridiculous, if ANY vehicle had moved from either lane he would have had absolutely NOWHERE to go and he would be killed.

I use the word ‘killed’ as at that speed and in those circumstances,in my experience, that is the only outcome.

It amazes me that so many riders out there believe they are in some kind of ‘cocoon’ and are immune to being knocked off…you reckon?

Anyway, i pulled him over and he wouldn’t have my viewpoint instead i was given a lesson on what he called ‘stealth riding’…his viewpoint was that motorists never see him anyway and instead of making himself conspicuous he would do the opposite and literally go ‘under the radar’…so by the time any motorist was aware of his presence he was off and away.

Now, i think i understand where he’s coming from, but his plan is fatally flawed in that you would also run the risk of a motorist doing something without warning such as a lane change or swoop off at a junction they JUST realised they had to take…..of course not being aware of our radar-dodging high speed rider will end up with disastrous results…..

Stealth mode? think i’ll pass thanks.

My second encounter was a couple of Harley riders who felt the need to travel permanently in lane 3 of the M4 regardless of the fact that lane 1 and 2 were empty and just the odd vehicle in lane 1….on getting them to move over i passed and moved over to lane 1 wherby i watched them as they promptly moved back from lane 2 into lane 3!!??

Ok, i decided to stop them and the reason they chose lane 3 all the time as it is a cleaner lane with less debris etc in it and so less risk of punctures..


I explained that the outer lanes were for overtaking and not for ‘sitting in’ and they *reluctantly* agreed to adapt thier ride…..

It’s a strange world..

Keep it safe,