September 2nd 2009

‘Slippery When Wet’

Where has the summer gone? I’m not happy about the amount of rain over August at all!

Hope your all well, I’d like to start of by saying a big ‘Thank You’ to Clive and his staff at Tri-County Motorcycles in Bracknell for hosting a great open day, it gave a few riders the opportunity to experience a ride on the awesome KTM RC8 which is a great bike, nice to see TVP there as well as well as the TVP/Honda CB1000R bike which draws a bit of attention….if you know TVP are going to be at an open day or bike meet you may well see this Honda, it’s quite nice in the flesh so to speak….check out the ‘NEWS’ section on the site for more details on this bike.

I had cause to stop a young lady on a ‘twist and go’ in Maidenhead earlier, it was a little worrying that she was riding the bike in the same manner as she would in the dry, it was a little unerving watching the rear tyre squirming as she negotiated bends and roundabouts, eventually i’d seen enough and pulled her in.

She thought that you could ride a bike exactly the same in the wet as you can the dry and was surprised to hear that certain things on the road surface change when you introduce water!

Rain doesn’t contain olive oil but we know it changes the road surface…..leaves become slippery, white lines the same, metal manhole covers become like an ice rink and diesel spills even slippier…

The best advice i could give her was to do two things when riding in the wet….accelerate smoother and brake earlier than you would in the dry….she then asked what age does she need to be to ride a BMW like the one i was on…That’s what i like…a budding biker!

Unfortunately, not all teenagers are budding bikers and keen to learn…..such as the young man riding his Aprillia 50cc in Slough last week whilst texting on his mobile!!!!

Keep it safe and sensible! 🙂