October 11th 2009

‘Up The Junction’

Had cause to attend a couple of similar RTC’s over the past few weeks all with the same vein running through them….overtakes.

or should i say overtakes that weren’t really ‘on’.

The chaps involved don’t mind me sharing the basic ins and outs but here are the circumstances;

Collision one involved a slow moving car and a silver cruiser..the cruiser decided that an overtake was on and started overtaking, as he moved out he didn’t notice the right hand signal of the car who had intended to turn right into the junction on the right…fortunately the car driver clocked the bike as it levelled with him and he aborted his right turn…unfortunately the bike grabbed a handful of front brake, hit a rubber speed humb and washed out and slid along the road…fortunately no great injuries and an experience he would rather forget in a hurry!

Collision two involved a long line of slow moving traffic and the bike in question running down the outside doing a multiple vehicle overtake….up ahead was a car waiting to turn right from a side road

the ‘lead’ vehicle in the line of traffic stopped and beckoned the car out, the car moved out and as there was no oncoming traffic in the opposing carriageway the driver turned…into the path of the bike who promptly parked his front wheel into the car’s wing..the rider was thrown clear and was unhurt albeit a couple bumps and bruises….

so…the common denominator?


Why oh why do some of us still run that risk of overtaking at the mouths of junctions?

Your only going to make up a few seconds of your journey yet the risk involved is quite scary.

You only overtake if it is clear to do so, if you can’t see then you can’t overtake.

Collision one was so simple to avoid…the warning signs were there…a slow moving vehicle..is he looking for a house? a turning? alarm bells should be sounding….and the junction…even if the car did not intend to turn what if a car was coming OUT of the junction….when turning left how often do car drivers look left? they don’t really and they certainly won’t be expecting to be met head on by a bike.

Collision two is the same…the overtake took in a junction and the rider could NOT SEE clearly ahead…if you can’t see, you can’t go….and again at the mouth of a junction.

so the simple way for these two bikes to avoid such collisions is DON’T OVERTAKE ON JUNCTIONS.

a little patience goes a long way!

Stay safe,