January 8th 2010

‘Slip sliding away’

Brrrrrrr…..cold is probably an understatement, as I write this most of my neighbours are snowed in and gritters and snow ploughs throughout the Thames Valley are working furiously to keep our roads open.

Little in the way of news on bike fronts to report as you can imagine, the snow has put paid to police bike patrol and my own bike hasn’t seen daylight for a while now either.

I hope you all had a great Xmas and that 2010 is a good year for you all, our advice to you at the beginning of this year and in these conditions is to really think about the journey you want to make. Is it really essential? Do you need to make it? If not, stay at home. If you have to drive then keep to main roads, and brake a lot earlier than you would do normally, put a shovel in your boot, pack some warm clothing and some food and a torch. If you have one then a portable car charger for your phone, failing to prepare is preparing to fail to coin an old cliche.

Big Congratulations to PC Chris ‘Steptoe’ Howlett (our resident bike mechanic) on passing a particularly gruelling Advanced police motorcyle course in quite adverse weather, he got through , passed and now we are struggling removing the big grin on his face! Well done!

Anyway, keep warm and safe and I’ll sign off by tipping my hat to the motorcyclist in Bracknell this week that my colleague,PC Dan Phillips, witnessed riding through the snow , both feet down and a look of determination that he described as ‘second to none’. Fair play to you sir!

Keep it on the white stuff!