Passing an advanced police motorcycle course…

…in the worst weather for 30 years!

By our motorcycle maintenance expert Chris Howlett

The end of 2009 saw some terrible driving weather in the South East and I was on my advanced police motorbike course. During the four week period I learned so much from my instructor. I had thought I was a confident, safe and fast rider, but oh how I was mistaken.

The first week saw me battling against high winds whilst wobbling around the slow manoeuvre course at the police driving school, which was interesting to say the least. The second and third week involved me riding at speed to various destinations in torrential rain every day. On the fourth week the snow arrived on the last day of the course just in time for me to lead a navigation exercise into the centre of London whilst filtering through heavy traffic, dodging taxis, courier riders and snow flakes.

What a course though: a huge thank-you to my instructor Grant, not only for getting me through the course and teaching me riding skills for life, but also for having a massive amount of patience and a great sense of humour. Cheers Grant, you enabled me to obtain the licence I have been after for so long.