Safety ‘Pit Stop’ for young motorcyclists

A new scheme aimed at reducing the number of accidents involving young motorcyclists is being launched in the county this month.

Oxfordshire County Council and Thames Valley Police are teaming up to run “Operation Pit Stop” aimed at 16 to 20-year-old motorcyclists.

Accidents Statistics for the last six years show that of the 437 accidents involving this age group, 85 per cent of those killed or injured were riding motorcycles or mopeds under 125cc.

Motorcycle Maintenance and Safety Advice

The County Council’s Road Safety Team will be talking to young people about wearing protective equipment whilst riding their motorcycles and handing out free reflective jackets as well as other safety gear.

Police motorcyclists will also be on hand to remind young riders of the legal requirements of taking their mopeds on the road and how to maintain them to keep themselves safe.

Councillor Rodney Rose, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “It appears to be largely inexperience that puts these young riders most at risk and although fortunately, we don’t see such high numbers killed as those on ‘big bikes’, nearly a quarter of these casualties were killed or seriously injured.”

He added: “I hope the examination and repair of vehicles and advice about good safety clothing will help reduce the number of young riders injured on our roads.”

PC Stephen Jenkins from Thames Valley Police said: “We are not out to prosecute young motorcyclists. Operation Pit Stop is all about educating young riders about the dangers they face. We just want them to get proper training and wear decent quality protective equipment so they don’t become another statistic.”