February 12th 2010

‘Abnormal Load’

Morning all, sunny February so far with a sprinkling of snow in places but the bikes are increasing on the road and last weekend was the first proper biking weather weekend and Sunday saw a lot of you out and about!

Got a set of heated grips fixed to the GSXR (yes, heated grips + GSXR don’t usually compute!) as the old fingers are beginning to feel it and I’m beginning to struggle finding a decent pair of winter gloves that actually keep your hands warm and I’ve tried LOTS. Now I’m back to summer gloves and turning the heat DOWN so I’m a lot happier now. (do they make heated footpegs?..;0P )

So, what’s been happening out in TVP land on two wheels? Well, if I’m honest i’ve been a little disheartened at some of the risks some riders have been taking when it comes to transporting stuff about.

I’ve come across a couple of scooter riders that have stuffed bags of shopping between thier legs on thier bikes without any form of securing them, needless to say the bags just sit on the floor of the bike and fall over on the first bend…or the rider holds them with the left hand for the entire journey, madness!

The winner though, without a doubt, was the rider that had just been shopping at his local superstore. He had two carrier bags of shopping and you’d think he would’ve had, say, a tailpack…perhaps a large cargo net, even a large rucksack to put them in?


He decided to hang them on his ‘bag hangers’

‘Bag hangers’ to me and you are more commonly called ‘handlebars’. Yep, you heard right, two large carrier bags of bread,beans,milk and so on -one hung off each handlebar!!!

Needless to say he was wobbling around like a pupil on his first ever CBT lesson, bags in full swing.

I followed him for a couple of hundred yards and I’d seen enough and stopped him.

It’s a shame he thought the method he had applied to transport his shopping was a sound one.

Safety of motorcyclists in the TVP area is of paramount importance and bikers have enough things to contend with out there without stacking the odds against us by our own actions.

So, a roadside fixed penalty, a taxi for the bags and some suitable words of advice left this rider in no doubt that his risk taking will have consequences. On this occasion he has a fine to reflect on, next time it could be a stay in hospital.

A few of you have been asking again for my Email address again as you have events and other items you’d like me to mention here…

I’m more than happy to plug any biking event you may have so feel free to drop me a line, even if it’s to meet up fot a burger and brew somewhere!


Keep it safe!