March 8th 2010


I type this whilst at home laid up on the sofa watching daytime TV and drinking Lucozade.

I was unfortunate enough on March 1st to be the victim of the conditions and subsequent prevailing road condition…inevitably resulting in quite a big ‘off’ for me and a badly damaged GSXR.

So, what happened? well to be honest,at the time I didn’t have a clue, no warning, no tell-tale signs , no nothing, it just hit me and that was it.

It was quite frosty about -1 degrees at about 06:00 when I set off from home for an early shift. The roads were not showing any obvious signs of ice and the tyres were gripping happily, so I turned on the heated grips and set off.

I reached the Windsor relief road heading towards Slough and my intended route was Slough town centre so I had to take the spur road off to Slough/Eton.

Now the Windsor relief road is a dual carriageway and relatively straight, I was at about 60mph and getting up to 70mph when I took the spur, as I carried on the next thing I knew is the front completely went from underneath me and the back wheel lost traction and started coming round, almost as quick as it lost traction then it regained it and ‘highsided’ me straight off, the bike and I did some kind of twisted waltz until we parted company whereby it struck the kerb and came back at me hitting me square on my right hand side.

I watched the bike spin off down the road whilst I slid the remainder on my back.

Unable to breathe I was motionless in the carriageway but I was suddenly aware of cars driving round me and carrying on (how inconsiderate of me to fall off and delay them getting to work!) so I somehow managed to get to the kerbside whereby eventually members of the public came to my aid.

So, at Wexham park hospital i was diagnosed with 4 broken ribs (broken by the spine and quite mashed up according to the consultant) a punctured lung and a dislocated left thumb, and of course, a damaged bike.

The cause?

Black ice on an ungritted road basically, emergency services that turned up were struggling to STAND on it let alone ride over it, so I guess I was doomed once I chose that particular route!

I am now on various pain control medication and I am VERY sore and not able to move around very well.

I’m just glad I was wearing the right kit at the time.

Good luck and have a great day out those of you that are going to the Wooten Bassett bike run on the 14th, I now won’t be coming but my thoughts will be with you and the reason we are doing it.

I’d like to sign off with a big thank you to all the staff at Wexham Park hospital Ward 2 surgical for thier support and help. (cheers guys!)


Enjoy the sun we’re getting at the moment and KEEP IT SAFE!!