April 12th 2010


Woohoo! It’s Spring!

I can see Daffodils, Sun, and people wearing T-shirts, it’s much warmer and brighter…bye bye Winter and see you next year.

I’m happily recovering now with a light at the end of the tunnel with regards to returning to work after my ‘off’ last month, broken ribs are no laughing matter and 6 weeks down the line I feel human again.

I’ve decided to rename my GSXR ‘Christine’ after the Stephen King character that couldn’t be destroyed (alright, it’s a car but you get my drift!)

Now, great weather brings out the summer crew of riders and with it the ‘rustiness’,inexperience and general all round ‘cobweb effect’.

Unfortunately, combine the above with the watching of WSB and Quatar MotoGP and you have a deadly combination for the above type rider that’s eager to be a ‘Rossi on the road’

I watched,with dismay,at the weekend some really poor riding on some really smart bikes, as usual the first proper bit of good weather we get and bikes are out and about….as are the fools.

I was out with my family in the family car as I watched a new R1 with all the trick parts overtake us at a stupid speed in a 30mph zone. The rider then went on to do the same with the car in front however didn’t notice the traffic Island no less that 20ft in front of him and slammed all the anchors on, then it finally dawned on him he couldn’t overtake. Eventually he got in the overtake ,when clear the rider had the cheek to shake his head at the driver?!….why?

Then the ZZR600 rider in Bracknell that thought it would be good to undertake a car (well in excess of the speed limit) that was in the outside lane of a dual carriageway just as another car was joining in lane one from a slip road. Yes, the car was at fault for joining the carriageway when it wasn’t clear, but the ZZR rider just popped out at high speed and gave the car no choice, so the car was at fault…who cares when you’re dead.

I don’t wish to dampen your spirits but the RPD at TVP struggle each year to bring down casualties within our areas and this sort of riding is , to coin an old phrase, a collision waiting to happen.

Motorcyclists make up a worrying percentage of KSI’s on the roads of TVP (and across the UK in general) and a lot of these statistics are caused by rider error.

We WANT you to enjoy your bikes but in a safe and calm manner, which brings me onto ‘Be A Better Biker’ which you can find details on in the ‘NEWS’ section on the home page. Have a look it’s something I was involved with a couple of years ago and I THOROUGHLY recommend it. If any of you have done a ‘Bikesafe’ course then you’ll know this is in the same vein.

Never ride quicker than your Guardian Angel!

Be safe and keep it upright!