May 9th 2010

‘Risk Takers’

Well I have the GSXR back now and she looks lovely, I’ve renamed her ‘Christine’ and I’m happy to be back on two wheels!

That goes for the ‘Company bike’ as well, some big commitments on the horizon, noteably Royal Ascot and the Henley Regatta amongst others.

Been a busy week in Berkshire, I was surprised at how many disqualified drivers we had the pleasure of arresting and removing from our roads last week. My colleagues and I enjoy removing these individials as they are as big a danger as a drink driver.

We make no apologies and know who the persistant and regular offenders are and we watch them closely as a few of them found out this week.

Riders and drivers are disqualified for a good reason, Magistrates have deemed them not to be of a competent standard anymore and that the risks they took warrant removing thier priviledge to drive or ride and that’s the key word ‘Priviledge’. It is not a given ‘right’ to possess a driving licence, it is a priviledge. Abuse it and you lose it!

I’ve noticed an alarming increase in the number of ‘ped riders’ in and around our areas that seem to think they are above the Law. ‘Ped riders’ tend to be twist and go mopeds ridden by 16yr olds and although the majority are law abiding an alarming amount are not.

I had one particular individual that was happily riding his bike in Maidenhead with his helmet perched on top of his head,straps flapping around wildly and although he thought he looked good puffing away on his cigarette… I wasn’t impressed.

So, a blip of the siren and flash of the blues and he was asked by me to stop.

Except he didn’t

Needless to say he ‘upped’ his game and after riding straight through a red light i caught him at the next roundabout and hit his ‘killswitch’ before he got out of hand.

He ran off.

Now I don’t know how many of you out there have tried running away from a BMW RTP1200 but they do go quicker than your average human so it didn’t take much to ride past him , hop off and aprehend him.

No driving licence (not even provisional) No Insurance, No CBT, No tax, No MOT…nothing.

Typical ‘Risk Taker’ and a danger to other road users. Needless to say he will be appearing at a youth Court in the very near future for docs offences and failing to stop / dangerous riding as well as having his bike siezed.

Found a very good and informative website the other week which is run by some very nice people:

Go take a look, it’s quite good and has something for everyone…I’m still navigating my way round it!

Finally, don’t forget we at TVP are currently offering riders of any standard FREE assessment rides…these are geared up to benefit you and you alone….contact either:




They involve you going out with a trained police rider to help you identify aspects of your riding you could improve on or give you pointers in areas you can strengthen on. THEY COST NOTHING (well, maybe a cup of tea in my case) This applies to Berkshire/Buckingham and Oxford areas -give us a shout!

Finally, I’m hoping to get down to St.Crispins school at Wokingham in the immediate future to visit friends at the TVAM, be nice to see some of you.

Keep it safe!