July 5th 2010

‘Don’t get short with me’

Cracking weather ….almost too hot (at least it is when stationary in town!) been quite busy as well due to the weather -Royal Ascot, Henley Regatta to name a few.

Big turn out in the way of bikes on our streets as well, some nice machines out of winter hibernation, cobwebs removed, leathers dusted down and visors cleaned…all good stuff!

One usual summer trait that makes me shudder is the wearing of shorts and T-shirts and no gloves on bikes ranging from 50cc mopeds to supersports.

Now I know you don’t commit any offences by not wearing protective kit (except the helmet of course) but I’ve seen the results of ‘offs’ involving the T-shirt and shorts brigade to know that your skin and bone is no match for tarmac. You lose everytime and for those unfortunate enough to suffer a skin graft know it’s a long time of suffering. I’ve never sacrificed safety for comfort and I never will, but each to thier own.

I had cause to stop a rider on a BMW GS last week wearing just this including flip-flops. Even I could see the reddening around the top of his left foot from his up changing on the gears, yet he still tried to sell me the ‘It’s really pleasant in this weather’ reply. All I could see was a lot of hot metal a little too close for comfort beside exposed flesh.

On Saturday 3rd July I spent the day at Dalton Barracks just outside Abingdon for thier open day, lovely weather and a great turnout, for those in the area check out any future events that are open to the public, they really do pull out all the stops and everyone has a great time (especially the kids!)

I must say a big thank you to Steve Whittington and his colleagues of ‘Age Concern’ at the Slough branch.

Steve invited me to the ‘Long way Round Berkshire’ bike run on Sun 4th July, which was a fundraiser for Age concern and basically was an open invite to bikers to meet up at 10am and set off on a pre-determined route around the outskirts of Berkshire taking in some of our best biking roads.

The weather was great, and over 60 bikes turned up of all descriptions ranging from 125cc scooters to GSXR1000’s, Fireblades, Harley D’s to the Italian exotica of Moto Guzzi and Aprillia RSV1000’s.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a ride-out that catered for ALL types of riders, from ‘L’ plates to seasoned track day riders to pillions. All ages as well ..from teens to pensioners it was great! Everyone had a great time (incl me!) and the day was finished off with a rather good BBQ and cold drinks coupled up with war stories and tales of great bends.

Not only was it a very good day out but it raised money for a very good cause and raised awareness of a very good cause.

Needless to say it generated a lot of interest and riders are already making enquiries as to the next one. The next one should be in October but to be sure check the official website:


The site regularly updates it’s events so be sure to check it regularly if you’re interested in the next rideout.

If anyone out there is organising a two wheeled event which you want to shout about then drop me a line..usual addy: derek.ingram@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk

In the mean time,

keep safe!