August 15th 2010

H Cafe (formerly Foxes Diner)

Just a quick line to let you know that the H Cafe (Oxford Rd, Dorchester-on-Thames, Wallingford, Oxfordshire OX10 7LY Tel: 01865 341607) is having quite a bash on the 5th September…

If you love bikes, burgers, live music and tea and coffee then you need to make an appearance!….A few bike manufacturers will be present including Suzuki,Harley Davidson and a BBQ will be cooking as well.

It all kicks off at 10am and I’ve spoken to staff at M & P next door and although they don’t usually open on a Sunday they will on this day.

TVP will also make an appearance (i.e me) and wherever possible will be happy to offer assessment rides to those who want one!

So, September 5th at 10am should be a good day,