August 4th 2010

‘Advanced Riders do it smoother….’

Quite a busy period the past month with organised and ‘unorganised’ events, lovely weather and the British round of the WSB of course!

My thanks go out to all the organisers and members of TVAM the branch of the IAM based at Wokingham (St.Crispins school) mainly for putting up with Chris Howlett and I at thier last meet. We stayed for around two hours and I was quite impressed with what the group offer for the motorcycle rider.

I’ve always said the best ‘bolt-on’ accessory you can get is advanced rider training…it goes with every bike you buy and you never stop using it.

I was impressed with the ‘look,lean roll course’ and the infrastructure that is in place there. It’s nice to see the group doesn’t stop once you get the final test, pass and become ‘Advanced’ apart from the savings on insurance you can make the actual benefits are when you get on two wheels and ride you up your own riding a few gears and reap the benefits, without a doubt.Then you get the opportunity to pass this on to new members in your role as an ‘observer’. All this and plenty more goes on. Go take a look at the website:

I hope to feature a bit of what they do in a bit more depth in the near future so keep an eye out here…(oh yes, the bacon butties are a MUST)

Was a little disapointed than Chris and I had to ‘engage’ a motorcycle meet that incorporated about two hundred bikes and felt the need to run red lights and ignore pedestrian crossings at will causing traffic choas in Windsor a couple of weeks back.

If you are an organiser of an event and it involves a lot of vehicular movement don’t shy from contacting the relevant agencies, we can assist and advise and help with the day, to run one with no warning and with no proper organisation really is, to coin an old phrase, an accident waiting to happen.

Happened to have a patrol round Slough trading estate last Sunday (hi visibilty patrolling to prevent theft etc over the weekends on trading estates) I was pleased to hear what sounded like a rather throaty exhaust note from just round the corner so went to investigate.

There was about 4 -5 bikes, R6,CBR600, old school GSXR750 and a couple of SV650’s…anyway, I was quite bemused to watch them going round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round (get the picture yet?) a small roundabout…

Now I don’t recall the roundabout being shaped like a 50 pence piece but everytime they attempted to ‘knee down’ they wobbled off and back round again. Now the R6 was doing well and was clearly showing the others how to do it…all oblivious to my presence

Eventually I got motion sickness so beckoned them in, nice bunch of lads and desperate to get thier ‘knees down’ on the tarmac and wear down the old knee sliders.

Discretion being the order of the day I decided to advise them on appropriate places they could do this and after giving them all a free neck scarf and earplugs off they went. Leaving me on my own, with the roundabout…

No, I didn’t (before you ask) if I tried that on the company BMW I would certainly get my knee down probably followed by the rest of my anatomy!

Keep it safe out there,