September 9th 2010

What a Chopper…

September 5th saw a large gathering of bikers from all over, a meet at the ‘H’ Cafe just outside of Dorchester on Thames, Oxford for a fun day…

I was in attendance in a work capacity doing assessment rides along with some riders from the Oxfordshire contingent of the TVAM and I am pleased to say that they are reporting that over FORTY riders have expressed genuine interest in upping thier riding skills and getting the ‘Advanced rider’ title under thier belt. So a big well done to those members that attended the day, you clearly worked hard!

It was great to see representatives from the Ambulance service (incl response bikes) and of course the Air Ambulance, whom without thier efforts the emergency services would have a much harder job to do out there.

The Chopper was there for a fly past and so were a few other choppers including a ‘Predator'(Sci-Fi film) themed bike that was quite a head turner.

Harley D and Suzuki and KTM were in attendance and the live bands were very good as well, of course the BBQ went down well (with me).

Members from Groups from Forums such as,, and of course were all there and it was great to see many,many more from as far afield as Birmingham, Leeds and London all turn up especially considering the rain in the morning.

Had cause to stop a Kawasaki ZX9 this week due to the alarming movement I noticed round his rear sprocket. I cannot recall the last time I saw a chain so rusty and loose, it was about 4 inches from the GROUND and the sprocket teeth were shaped more like shark dorsal fins then proper sprocket teeth!

It was that bad that I promptly got him to follow me to a local bike dealership (at a very slow pace) and they replaced his chain and sprockets…whilst the two of us talked bikes over a coffee.

Was nice to see the bike take off into the sunset all shipshape!

Chains are important to the bikes and need constant loving if they are to last a good life span, have a wander over into the maintenence section where Chris gives a good run down on chain issues.

Basically, look after your chain and it’ll look after you!

I’m off to France for a few days on the bike with Chris and some friends, keep yourselves safe out there!