October 6th 2010

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’..

Well, as soon as i was going on about the summer being here than i see it’s gone and gone. Monsoon conditions throughout most of the UK with the conditions making roads treacherous and motorway journeys quite an ‘adventure’. Keep yourselves wrapped up on the bikes and try and keep dry, if you start getting wet you start thinking about that more than what you’re doing on the bike…a bad idea, keep focused.

As with the cold, when we feel rotten and miserable all our thoughts go into that and not into our riding, with all the wet weather about two things you need to adjust in your ride is your acceleration and your braking. Accelerate smoother and gradually and brake earlier than you would in the dry and this should deal with a lot of eventualities!

Visors steam up in this weather as well, and if you’re having to flip it up every 2-3 mins as you can’t see where you’re going then you end up stinging your eyes and still not being able to see where you’re going.

Plenty of cheap anti-mist products out there, my personal favourite is the Frank Thomas aerosol spray foam. Spray it on wipe it to a buff and it lasts for about 2 -3 days….of course you can buy sticks of crayon like wax and even washing up liquid works, if anyone can recommend anything they regularly use drop either Chris Howlett or myself a line as we’re always eager to try out recommended stuff!

We’ve been getting quite a few phonecalls on a growing problem of ‘Cruises’ whereby car enthusiasts meet at known car parks etc and generally just admire each others cars and the various modded parts they have and thier ‘ICE’ (radio to you and me) the majority are well behaved but an ugly minority have raised thier heads in Bracknell and have been causing a bit of a nuisance with late night meets engaging in ‘burn-outs’ and straight line racing.

Well, I had cause to attend Bracknell after been given a list of known meets (even the ones they think we don’t know about..) and the majority were well behaved , I was quite surprised to see a few bikes in attendance, mainly sportsbikes and scooters but still quite a presence.

Anyway, it all seemed to be going well until i headed out onto Millinium Way heading up to the old Met office roundabout, up ahead was a couple of bikes, a sports 600 and a sports 1000, both were in excess of the 40mph speed limit. I soon noticed the Citroen Saxo ahead and the Ford Fiesta – I recognised the four of them from a car park only a few minutes before…one of the cruises.

I caught up with them on the London Road by the Running Horse Pub and they continued on towards Ascot completely oblivious to me,fortunately the roads were pretty much empty.

It was obvious they were racing and I’d seen enough, managed to pull the four in and after much humble pie eating they were all sent on thier way. Needless to say they can answer for thier standard of riding and driving to a Magistrate.

The worrying thing about it all was that I was on a fully marked bike and at one point was level with the two bikes and not one of them noticed me, ‘I’m a safe rider’ ….’I’ve never had an accident’….’I can handle my bike’….’I can ride safely at speed’ were among the many statements I was given, yet not ONE of them noticed the plod bike with them. Great observational skills lads…really great.

Racing on a public highway is not smart and can get you into a lot of bother with the Law, above all it’s downright dangerous.

It’s a shame that there is a minority of riders out there willing to take risks with thier licences and with other peoples safety and all for the sake of ‘I’m faster than you!’ A shame but if caught you’ll get no change from TVP, we will actively prosecute anyone acting dangerous on our roads.

Anyway, try and keep dry out there if you’ve got to ride and if the sun re-emerges and you haven’t been riding,then get out there and ride!

Keep it upright,