Martin White

A Friend..

Martin White was a work colleague and a friend.

Last week i lost that friend.

Martin passed away , in his sleep, and leaves behind family and friends and colleagues that will miss him dearly.

I first met this guy when i joined the ‘Traffic dept’ at Taplow and warmed to him immediately….he was a police biker and was one of the experienced ones that helped me through my early stages of being a police biker… didn’t stop him sending me on my ‘initiation’ at Royal Ascot though….i’ll never forget what i called him when he sent me across the old ‘tan crossing’ that was a large strip of ‘carpet type’ material fitted across the road to protect the horses’ hooves…I’ve never panicked so much trying to keep an old Honda ST1100 upright while it squirmed across…..on getting to the other side i looked back at Martin as he started to roll up a fag and with that trademark grin…..sod.

Martin and I continued in that same stupid vein constantly ribbing one another and the shift until his retirement….i still worked alongside Martin though as an Instructor at ‘Quickstart’ and he was immensely respected as an instructor and mentor….and rightly so….cut that man in half and he had ‘biker’ written through him.

I enjoyed keeping Whitey up to speed with developments at TVP and i think he missed it on some days, but he was happy and i enjoyed getting in early at QS to have a brew and put the world right with him..

Many of you have been in touch and i have been overwhelmed with how far afield his enthusiasm actually reached and so i have included Martins funeral details and varying meet points:

Martin funeral is at 1500 on 17/11/10 at Easthampstead Park Crematorium, Bracknell. If people want to attend on their motor bikes, meeting up at Jenners Riverside Cafe Ray Mead Road, Maidenhead, SL6 8NP at 1300hrs on the 17th. This will give us plenty of time to get to the second meet point of 14:00 at The Ring J/W Bond way in Bracknell town centre….from here all motorcyclists will be awaiting Martin to pass through at around 14:30 and onto the Crematorium ….all motorcyclists can join on to the cortege from here…of course feel free to meet at either Jenners or Bond way.

If any of you wish to attend then please do any questions drop me a line….Martin would love to see all those bikes.

Martin, I’ll miss you, your sense of humour and your support.

Keep the throttle to the stop up there mate.