February 2011

‘One For The Road’

Well, that’s January gone…hopefully along with the flu, colds and general sniffles that accompany it!

I had cause to attend the latest meeting of the ‘Safer Rider’ team at Banbury and was joined by Steptoe and Grant Thomas. My work bike was due a front tyre so we decided to take it to Bicester on route to the meeting. Now I’m not saying it was windy but between Stokenchurch and Oxford the wind was fierce and battered me relentlessly, I was leant at a serious angle into the wind and had to recover the bike when the wind just dropped off, only to be smacked by it again…to say I was struggling to keep it within my lane was an understatement! It was akin to being repeatedly hit by a rolled up carpet (ok, I haven’t been hit by a rolled up carpet but if I had that’s what it would’ve felt like!) eventually arrived at Bicester workshops and then the return journey and put the bike away, whilst the other two were still laughing at me.

One of the huge advantages of a patrol bike over a patrol car is the ability to see into cars and see a lot earlier what the driver is doing, unfortunately the lack of seatbelt wearing and the use of a mobile phone are still being done -and at TVP we are still nicking people for it.

That piece of canvas across your chest will save your life, as will staying off your phone whilst driving -think smart!

I was dissapointed the other week that I had cause to arrest three drink drivers in the course of one week…

First example was a young driver (only been driving one year) who decided to go out and get a takeaway after downing a few shots of whisky, he was very annoyed at being stopped proclaiming he was driving fine and that I needed a reason to stop him if his driving was exemplary. It was then I pointed out to him that at midnight and during the hours of darkness it was best to have your lights on. He’s up in court this week for twice the drink drive limit. I hope the takeaway was worth it.

Second example was the driver who decided it was ok to travel at 55mph in a 30mph zone past a garage forcourt (one I was sat in). Three times the drink drive limit and another ban imminent.

Final example was the SV650 in lane 1 of the M4 outside of Maidenhead. His speed was wholly inappropriate…20mph. (Go on, who thought I was going to type 100+mph? go on?!)

Three times the drink drive limit…

All the above had one thing in common (apart from drink driving/riding) they drew attention to themselves by one way or another, and that’s the achilles heel of the drink driver, they think they are ok to drive but they are NOT and will always drive in a manner that attracts our attention, and TVP Roads Policing dept actively hunt out drink drivers. They are risk takers and a clear and present danger to others and need to be taken off our roads. Never feel bad about ‘shopping’ a drink driver, if you think you know one then don’t shy from contacting us even by phoning crimestoppers anonymously…you could be saving a life by doing so.

On a lighter note, the lovely Victoria and her staff at Hein Gericke in Slough are always having deals and bargains on and have a very good variety of kit at their store…more importantly the knowledge between them is second to none when it comes to fitting you out properly…go and have a looksee!

Hein Gericke Slough

* Beechwood House, 2-8 Windsor Road, Slough, SL1 2EJ
* Phone/Fax: 01753 533922
* Email: slough@hg-shop.com


If you want to avoid a stay in hospital and painful throat surgery please note that it is an urban myth to swallow a two pence piece in order to ‘fool’ a roadside breathalyser and indeed the evidential breathlyser at the Police Station…

Yup, at a certain town in Berkshire one driver decided to do just this then when realising it didn’t work accidently swallowed the two pence piece which wedged in his throat. One operation later and a Court appearance for drink driving. He’s not feeling too clever.

Ride safe you lot!