March 2011

‘Getting a bit slack…’

I saw this big bright orange thing in the sky at the weekend…Area 51 stuff perchance I hear you say?

Nope, it was the sun!

Yes, a bikers best friend popped in over the last week and the usual flurry of dusted down bikes came out to play…great stuff!

Victoria and her staff from Hein Gereck along with the IAM attended the Slough branch for coffee and biscuits and an assessed ride to the ‘H’ cafe. ‘Steptoe’ and ‘Flipper’ and ‘Whitty’ (sound like Seaworld dolphins) were also in attendance to fly the flag for Thames Valley Police and about 20 riders turned up for assessed rides which was a great turnout.

Don’t forget ANYONE with a motorcycle and a full licence can ask any Thames Valley Police solo rider for an assessment ride on the standard of thier riding, it costs NOTHING and is there simply to assist you in your standard of riding….don’t shy away, just ask!

If you’re unsure how to contact us then check out the home page or contact either Chris or I here.

Spotted a young lady parked up in a bus stop in Slough last week with a poorly looking Varadero….She was on the phone to the recovery people and had a look of horror on her face when she saw me pull up (transpires she was under the impression I was about to issue her a ticket for parking in the bus stop!)

Anyway, it would seem that her bike had developed an awful clanking sound so she pulled over to investigate, it didn’t take long to find the problem (look away now Steptoe) a very, VERY slack chain.

So, I followed her down to the petrol station where we had better light and out with the tools from her bike and after hitting my head on her topbox about four times (thankfully it was plastic) I managed to tighten up the chain to a more respectable fit!

I was pleased to wave her off home and only sorry I didn’t have any ‘Safer Rider’ goodies to give her!

Right, I need to buy some new tyres for my GSXR so I’m signing off…

Keep it safe out there you lot!