May 2011

‘I’m faster than you’

Thought I’d open this month with a big pat on the back for all the riders who participated in the ‘Help For Heroes’ ride out from The Royal Oak in Bracknell (by the BP garage, London rd) , stopping at Windsor Castle, stopping at the Barracks then finishing at The Royal Oak. Superb turn out and I was impressed with the various bikes on show (not enough GSXR’s though) they raised some good awareness, especially amongst the tourists at Windsor and were blessed with this great weather. I am hopeful to get on the next run, would be great to see some more riders there, enquire at the Royal Oak and they’ll point you in the right direction!  Well done again.

Bike season is in almost in full swing and I was pretty busy in Windsor over the last few days, especially on Sundays, bikes were out in force and it was clear that all the fair weather riders were out riding in and around our roads.

The majority of the bikers were out for a good old fashioned blat and a chance to pick up where they last left off last autumn. Nice to catch up with some at our regular haunts in Berkshire and I was happy to dish out the Safer Rider freebies I usually have on board!

But yet again, there were the few that put themselves firmly on my radar as well my colleagues at Taplow Roads Policing. It tended to involve men between the ages of 25 and 40, on sports bikes or sports tourers above 500cc. They all had one thing in common:

Riding fast with very little safe regard for themselves and certainly nothing for others.

It’s a shame that these individuals find it necessary to ride in such a manner that they attract our attention, and it’s not long before they make a mistake.

I latched onto a group of five riders just outside of Henley on Thames -I won’t go into the models but all 600cc/1000cc  sports, all matching leathers and all looked like they had just been competing in the latest round of the MotoGP at Phillip Island.

They were all exceeding the speed limit and all putting in overtakes that was causing car drivers to brake or move out the way, they had little or no observational skills and the two I was behind genuinely displayed some right rubbish positioning and some very strange riding habits ( I didn’t know roundabouts were shaped like 50p pieces?) Unfortunately for them, had they had observational skills they may have noticed the marked up BMW Police bike directly behind them. It took the blue lights and siren to make them realise I was there, the lead bikes didn’t hang about and rode off (expect your NIP’*s in the post gentlemen) but the two I was with stopped.

‘All the gear, no idea’ seemed very apt for these two. On closer inspection of the two bikes I could account for 2 x illegal plates, 1 x bald rear tyre, 2 x illegal exhausts, one rider on a restricted licence riding a derestricted bike.  I siezed one bike, and reported both for numerous traffic offences.

If I appear a bit hard nosed about it then you’d be right. Blatant disregard for road safety and for other road users won’t be tolerated on TVP roads. If that attitude makes people want to stay away, then good, there is no place for ‘risk-takers’ and TVP Roads Policing dept will come down on people that ride like this very hard indeed. In a nutshell people that ride like that are ruining it for the majority of us all and giving bikers a bad name, just so they can get their ‘kicks’.

If you really think you can impress go get some advanced rider training. That’s where you ‘ll find real riders.

<puts soap box away>

….and breathe….  🙂

Quite a few of you missed out on assessed rides from TVP riders last summer and I can assure you we are VERY aware of this. It’s something we will endeavour to robustly address this summer, so if you want an assessed ride pop over to the ‘Home page’ and sign up!!

I’m biting my lip at the moment over a bit of news I’m VERY keen to share with you all but i have to keep ‘schtum’ until it’s launched officially…..but it’s GOOD!!!!! (Watch this space, I’m SO going to blab it all over this page when it’s launched)

Couple of other things in the pipeline as well so things are looking good on the bike front within the counties of TVP.

Right, I need to lubricate my chain before Steptoe sees it and starts shaking his head in that ‘way’….

Stay safe and sunny side up,


*Notice Of Intended Prosecution – a letter that drops on your doormat from us asking you to identify the driver/rider as they face potential prosecution for a motoring matter.