June 2011

‘Stop hogging the road’

“I am insured” said the rider of a Bandit 12oo in Slough this week….

Insured to ride his bike…not his girlfriends Bandit.

So, a £200 fixed penalty along with 6 points, fortunately his girlfriend was pillion so she rode off into the sunset with him as pillion-unbelieveable.

Driving or riding with no insurance is a ridiculous risk these days, not only are offenders easy to find now (ANPR etc) but police will deal with you roadside without clogging up the Court system. £200/6 points plus the release fee for your impounded vehicle and storage fees. No brainer really – insurance is cheaper!

Had a hectic day a couple of Sundays back, started off spotting some muppet on an R1 with a young lady as pillion, he was riding like an idiot through Slough, especially as he chose to take his female passenger on the back and not provide her with a helmet.

He spotted me and swiftly ‘dumped’ his passenger, he then rode off at speed risking a lot of people including himself.  He really should learn to ride properly, obviously a little short in the ‘skills’ department. I have a Raleigh Chopper at home he can borrow which should match his two wheel skills. Anyway he will be paid a visit a little later and he can explain himself to the Magistrates.

That afternoon I then decided to patrol around Colnbrook (just outside Heathrow) when I spotted a very ‘iffy’ looking Peugeot with four occupants.

I decided to stop them except they didn’t want to be stopped, a pursuit ensued and needless to say you are not going to outrun a BMW RTP 1200 easily. They didn’t and they realised very quickly that I wasn’t going anywhere. Unfortunately they ‘upped’ thier resistance and drove at me clipping the bike. Pursuit terminated.

It is frustrating making that kind of decision but Roads policing officers, when engaged in a pursuit, have a VERY strict policy and if we cannot adhere to that policy we WILL call it off.

This Saturday PC ‘Wazza’ Wayland and Iwere assigned to an entire day at Oxford Harley Davidson in Wooton conducting assessment rides for members of the Oxford Chapter of HD.

Now I know very little about Harley’s other than stereotypical images from ‘Every which way but loose’ movies and great American ‘roadtrip’ biker movies.

Well….I had my eyes widely opened this Saturday I can assure you. What a thoroughly nice bunch of people, and a few very apt riders amongst them!

For those of you that think a ‘Hog’ is a straight line only machine, then think again. Ihad the pleasure of riding behind a few of these bikes for quite some time on some very big roads out and about in the Faringdon area and when ridden properly these bikes can SHIFT!

So for those of you on sporty race replicas just check your mirrors every now and then…you may get a surprise in the shape of an American iconic legend…and I don’t mean Clint Eastwood.

Not only are they amazingly good looking bikes and beautifully put together but they can hold thier own on the most demanding roads. My only observation is that I would dread cleaning one if I ever got caught out in the rain on one. The amount of polishing that would incur would soul destroy me, but talking to a lot of Harley owners on Saturday made me realise that these owners don’t actually ride unless it’s nice! (makes sense!)

A big thank you to all the staff at Oxford HD especially to the young lady who’s name I didn’t get for keeping me in coffee for the day (Thank you x)

Also a big thumbs up to Elaine, Kay, Julie and countless others there for being so friendly.

For those of you interested in more than pop along to www.oxfordukchapter.co.uk you couldn’t meet a nicer group of people.

For those of you that were not aware have a look at our NEW FORUM….all the regulars are on there and it’s got a lot going on…. www.saferrider.org/forum …..add it to your favourites!

Right….I’m prepping up ready for Royal Ascot….keep yourselves SAFE out there!!!