October 2011

‘Coming Home…’

Busy! Busy! Busy!

There has been a distinct lack of activity in this section and for that I apologise!

The roads Policing department at Taplow has undergone some significant changes with the main one being the complete return to our ‘Home’ at Taplow.

The new base is up and running and I have to say it’s looking good!

We now , as a RP dept, no longer work out of Gerrards Cross and we are firmly planted on the A4 between Maidenhead and Slough.

As a result we have had quite a bit of upheaval but happy to say it’s all systems go!

Sad to see the great James Toseland forced into early retirement, the racing world loses another great rider but I wish him all the best in the future.

Taplow riders haven’t let the weather get the better of them and the team have been out and about getting in the faces of local criminals who like to use our roads to assist thier crimes, with some good success.

Well done to Steptoe and and another ‘Rat’ on collaring a couple of car thieves who soon realised that once the RTP latches on to you …give up.

It’s getting colder now so keep yourselves wrapped up and keep an eye on the road surfaces…it’s frosting over these mornings, leaves on the road can be deadly and you need to keep one step ahead.

Will have more for you next month so for now, keep it safe.