Milton Keynes Advanced Motorists in conjunction with Thames Valley Police ‘Roads Policing’ Department will be running a ‘Better Riding Course’ during March. The course will commence on Thursday 1st March. There will be 5 weekly evening sessions held from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at Milton Keynes Police Station. There are also two opportunities to get out on your bike; on Saturday 17th March there is a ‘machine control day’ held locally and on Saturday 24th March there is an opportunity to attend Milton Keynes Police Station where the course will be based and be accompanied by a serving Police Officer for an assessment ride.

MKAM who are affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists have been running similar courses at Milton Keynes since 1991.

The course is 5 ‘classroom’ based sessions (no test – not too formal!!) and is aimed at promoting safer and defensive riding techniques as taught by the Police and other emergency services to enable the rider to have a greater confidence in their riding and also importantly make it become more safer and enjoyable. Rod Hardie, a retired Police Officer who served for many years as a Traffic Police Motorcyclist and currently Chief Observer with MKAM, together with serving Police officers and observers from MKAM will help present this course. Together they bring a wealth of experience and good advice to these evenings.  ‘Roadcraft’ and the current ‘Highway Code’ together with slides and video will be used in the various presentations to demonstrate these principles allowing ample time for discussion and views.

If interested please telephone MK 686176 or e-mail .