March 2012

‘Stay Calm and Panic’

Hello Gang!!

Big apologies for the distinct lack in Blogging , however due to the various work being put into some sporting event coming up and a Jubilee, not to mention a move into our new base at Taplow things have been a bit hectic to say the least! However normal service is resumed.

So, it looks like a nice bit of warm weather is upon us (albeit easter has already put the mockers on it with temp dropping back down to single figures)

With the warm weather comes the emergence of hibernated bikes…those that will start anyway. If you had the unpleasant findings of a flat battery then whizz over to the garage, Steptoe has been playing around with some trickle chargers -good reading.

As I type this it seems the country is in the grip of a ‘panic buying’ culture with fuel due to an impending possible tanker driver strike.’Possible’ is the key word, it is worring watching cars stacked up on queues on major fast roads waiting for fuel, which in honesty they don’t need yet. Causing backlogs on quick roads can become dangerous, have a reality check first…do you really need fuel? Are you buying it in case there is a strike?  Have a think.

Now then, I was rather bemused at one young budding biker on his twist and go ped the other day, I stopped him as he had no ‘L’ plate and on asking him if he had a licence that permitted him not to display L plates he replied ‘I’m on a CBT Officer’. I asked where the L plate was to which he proudly pointed to the large L plate on the back of his helmet.

Clever I thought, but not legal.”It needs to be fitted to the bike not your bonce!’ I advised him and after a bit of mutual understanding on the joys of two wheels I left him with some Safer Rider goodies and the directions to Halfords…

These warm days have made the mornings very misty and still my colleagues and I are dealing with early morning collisions whereby drivers are not using thier lights SWITCH ON!!

Importantly for the wiser drivers out there that use thier lights AND thier foglights, don’t forget to switch the foglights OFF when visibilty returns or the next time you use the lights. Foglights in normal visibility at night cause dazzle to oncoming riders and drivers so remember to SWITCH OFF!

A quick reminder on number plates thanks to Paul W from Reading who asked for a bit of clarification on single line number plates on bikes -these are basically ‘car style’ number plates on bikes, often fitted as less bulky looking and deemed to be be overall better looking but completely illegal on a motorcycle. If you have one fitted you can expect a stop by a TVP officer, they stand out by a mile and are not hard to spot. Don’t risk a £60 fine for the sake of your bike looking a bit better!

TVP are now proud to be part of the National Bikesafe scheme and are running workshops all over summer to help our riders out in TVP areas please do NOT hesitate to contact us if interested, details can be found under the ‘Training’ tag on our home page go and have a look!

Ok, I’ll sign off for now and I wish you all a great Easter and hope you don’t eat so many Easter eggs that you struggle getting into those leathers…