June 2012

“You think your tough coz you bought a bike with you”



There were reports of a strange alien craft above Berkshire last week, it was round, bright yellow and gave off heat.

Or was that the sun?

Dreadful riding conditions so far this summer and we are still in the grips of a hosepipe ban!

Last month was the highlight of race meets for Berkshire, Royal Ascot.

Fortunately the weather held off well and didn’t dampen race goers spirits, A visit by the horse of the moment ‘Black Cavier’ and over 60,000 visitors a day saw a very succesful meet.

Unfortunately the minority that cannot handle alcohol and don’t drink responsibly try to ruin it for others as we soon found out when reports of a large fight had broken out in car park 10 between two coaches of passengers.

They soon stopped fighting when thier attention was drawn to six BMW RTPs roaring towards them, except the two men that were oblivious to us and to me even when I split them up. The larger of the two squared up to me and after I warned him of imminent arrest he replied “You think your tough just coz you bought a bike with you” I think he realised how stupid that sounded as soon as it left his lips, enough for him to heed my warning and walk away…..and I didn’t need to set my bike on him either.

Royal Ascot is a fun place to go and a great family atmosphere if you haven’t been put it in your calender, it’s not all about horse racing it’s a good day out as are the races at Windsor.

Recieved a few complaints about speeding motorists in the Bracknell area so C shift at Taplow decided to take out a couple of lasers and see if the community were right to complain. They were.

Sadly in the space of five hours over two days we stopped over forth-five motorists including bikers and all were issued with either 3pts/£60 fine or went on a speed awareness course. Not good reading, speed limits are there for a reason!

I had cause to attend a very nasty collision between a motorcycle and a car in Slough at the beginning of the month, it was a shame as it has put the keen young rider off riding although it was a classic error it has unnerved him.

He was on a Honda 125 and a keen 17yr old eager to move up onto bigger bikes but unfortunately he had a coming together with the only car on a one mile stretch of road.

Unlucky I hear you say…no, not really.

The car in question was ahead of him and was intending to take the next right turn into a junction however the young lad decided to put in an overtake at the junction as the car turned, the lad hit the bike side on and even though he had a full face helmet on it was hard enough to shatter his front teeth when he collided with the car roof.

The bike landed about 20ft away upside down in a bush and he landed about 3ft away from it.

He suffered multiple injuries but nothing life changing fortunately.

He was at home after a week and I paid him a visit, he was in a lot of pain obviously and swore never to ride again after realising how fragile we actually all are.

It is a shame when somebody is affected in this way but sometimes this is a wake up call to alter your style of riding for others its confirmation that you no longer should be on two wheels.

When I had my off two years ago I did consider what I could’ve done differently, but wiping out on black ice is a situation you cannot deal with because of this I simply threw my leg back over my bike, head down, bottom up and got on with it although I am wary of road surfaces in the winter as you can imagine!

Visited my local RoSPA group a few weeks back to watch them do a ‘slow speed skills’ kind of day VERY well organised and I was impressed with the standard they even tried to get me to have a go , but I erred on the side of caution…

I wouldve had a go on my GSXR but not a BMW company bike!

It was encouraging to see the numbers and a very friendly group of people…you can find out more about them here:



I’m off to hunt for some sunshine!

Take care,