August 2012


Well, after four years of planning and preparation TVP were put firmly under the spotlight of the World by policing the Worlds greatest sporting events -The Olympics and Paralympics.

TVP were the host police force at ‘Eton Dorney’ (although we’ve only ever known it as ‘Dorney’!) and were responsible for the safety and well being of the daily 25,000 enthusiasts who attended.

All leave was cancelled and our full contingent of Motorcyclists were fully utilised working from 04:30hrs through to 22:00hrs.

Our role was to ensure the safe passage of the athletes from thier training camp to the venue which meant keeping a watchful eye on the M25/M4 motorways and the roads around Maidenhead.

A system was devised whereby the public could only park at the venue with tickets and the majority were ferried to and from the venue by courtesy coaches.

I’m pleased to report it went down very well and no hiccups were experienced at all.

Well done to Team GB!

Before the Olympic opening ceremony I was honoured to be part of the SEG team (Special Escort Group) that escorted the Olympic Torch through Oxon/Berks and Bucks before handing it over to Surrey Police.

I was amazed at the turnout and if I’m honest it made me feel quite proud to be a part of it, although I think a new set of gloves may be needed for the amount of ‘high fives’ I was doing!!

Has to be said though Bracknell and Newbury and little Thatcham and Theale were the biggest turnouts I saw, such enthusiasm from radio station live shows to steel drums and musical bands -it was a really good effort!

Back on patrol I had a call from the control room about offroad bikes tearing around the Britwell estate so off I went to have a look, usually they get a glimpse of you and are on thier toes but this time the two boys in question stopped and came over to me, both were on small 125cc trials bikes and both were wearing the right kit although the bikes were not road going hence the distinct lack of tax/registration numbers.

They were under the impression the rough land they were on was ok to ride on , although they missed the bit of the sign at the park entrance prohibiting motorbikes.

No damage was done to the land and nobody was hurt so I felt a quick call to the parents and the boys were collected along with the bikes and everyone was happy. Sometimes education over enforcement is the better option and certainly in this case.

Unfortunately my next involvement with a bike riding member of the public wasn’t so educational. One CBR600 and one Yamaha 125 YZF (baby R1) both riding together and popped out in front of me in Slough.

The 600 was riding fine but I had a problem with the 125 lad as he appeared to be trying to ‘wheelie’ his bike by dumping the clutch and physically yanking the bars up. All this whilst over the speed limit and oblivious to the big Police bike behind them.

They shot off and I’d seen enough and decided to stop them before they got any faster.

The lad on the 600 was fine and ok but the lad on the 125 seemed to have no idea why he’d been pulled, even when I explained to him what I’d seen he still denied any wrongdoings. Which was when I noticed a lack of class A entitlement on his licence and a lack of ‘L’ plates.

I questioned him about the whereabouts of his front and rear ‘L’ plates his reply “They must have just fallen off”

He might make sure that they are ‘better fixed’ in future so he can avoid the 3pts and £60 fine I gave him for No ‘L’ plates.

Ignorance of the Law will only get you in hot water as its not a defence, if you take a vehicle on the road it is YOUR responsibility to make sure it is roadworthy and legal.

TVP Roads Policing dept has this week been carrying out a TISPOL road checks this week in relation to road safety, seatbelts etc. It’s very concerning the amount of motorists who STILL don’t wear thier seatbelt or choose to yak on thier mobile phones!


Ok, I’m off to clean my bike (its that time of the year)

Keep it sunny side up!