xtreme conditioning

Yup….It’s Xmas!

Getting colder means wrapping up appropriately unlike the gentleman who I was following the other morning.

Problem with being too cold, and in fact too hot, is you start concentrating more on how you feel than how you are actually riding.This is a seriously dangerous factor and position to be in…avoid it.

There are lots of ways of keeping warm, hands and fingers get cold much quicker if the body’s ‘core’ is cold, keep your torso nice and ‘toastie’ and your hands and fingers will be warmer for longer.

Heavy duty winter gloves and bar muffs are another option as are glove liners (silk are good) but the prime concern is your torso, keep the body warm and the blood that circulates is warmer keeping the body’s extremeties warmer for longer, heated waistcoats are a good option as well.

Most of the above you can get from quality outlets.

Not many bikes out on the road at the moment for obvious reasons, the die-hard among you are still going strong so keep safe!

With Xmas brings the office parties, the xmas do’s and other social calendar events, if you’re on the bike, get off the alcohol. TVP are determined more than ever to catch drink drivers and drink riders, it’s inherently dangerous as it is on a bike without adding alcohol to the mix!