T Bone costs more…

I always remember the old TV ad: ‘Think once, think twice…THINK BIKE’

I see it time and time again from some riders approaching junctions, a car approaches and there is no covering of the brakes, no slowing just a thought process of ‘well I can see them, they can see me’.

Just because a car driver is looking at you it doesn’t mean they’ve actually SEEN you…there are tell tales sign of this. Usually it’s the driver repeatedly looking left and right and the biggest give away is the wheels. If they are turning or moving gradually that’s a good indication of the car about to move off -so prepare to stop. Being able to stop on your side of the road in the distance you can see to be clear is common sense and is there for a reason…it gets you out of a lot of bother!

Above all treat every single other motorist as a danger and potential threat and you will give yourself ‘time to react’ and ultimately a lifeline in the eventuality of something not going your way (or is that going your way?)