Stop hogging the road

Driving or riding with no insurance is a ridiculous risk these days, not only are offenders easy to find now (ANPR etc) but police will deal with you roadside without clogging up the Court system. £200/6 points plus the release fee for your impounded vehicle and storage fees. No brainer really – insurance is cheaper!

Now I know very little about Harley’s other than stereotypical images from ‘Every which way but loose’ movies and great American ‘roadtrip’ biker movies.

Well….I had my eyes widely opened this Saturday I can assure you. What a thoroughly nice bunch of people, and a few very apt riders amongst them!

For those of you that think a ‘Hog’ is a straight line only machine, then think again. I had the pleasure of being behind a few of these bikes for quite some time on some very big roads out and about in the Faringdon area and when ridden properly these bikes can SHIFT!

So for those of you on sporty race replicas just check your mirrors every now and then…you may get a surprise in the shape of an American iconic legend…and I don’t mean Clint Eastwood.

Not only are they amazingly good looking bikes and beautifully put together but they can hold thier own on the most demanding roads. My only observation is that I would dread cleaning one if I ever got caught out in the rain on one. The amount of polishing that would incur would soul destroy me, but talking to a lot of Harley owners on Saturday made me realise that these owners don’t actually ride unless it’s nice! (makes sense!)