Don’t get short with me

Big turn out in the way of bikes on our streets, some nice machines out of winter hibernation, cobwebs removed, leathers dusted down and visors cleaned…all good stuff!

One usual summer trait that makes me shudder is the wearing of shorts and T-shirts and no gloves on bikes ranging from 50cc mopeds to supersports.

Now I know you don’t commit any offences by not wearing protective kit (except the helmet of course) but I’ve seen the results of ‘offs’ involving the T-shirt and shorts brigade to know that your skin and bone is no match for tarmac. You lose everytime and for those unfortunate enough to suffer a skin graft know it’s a long time of suffering. I’ve never sacrificed safety for comfort and I never will, but each to thier own.

Have you ever found yourself mid-corner and suddenly you find you’re getting a bit too close to the kerbside?

You then inadvertently start looking at the kerbside, the very thing you want to avoid and your stare is fixed to that kerbside (could also be a wall/tree/hedgerow etc)… unfortunately what then happens is your eyes are telling your brain that’s where you want to go and you find it increasingly difficult to break that fixation with your target and the result can be self explanatory, yep you head straight for it… many riders have experienced this but can’t explain it.