On Patrol

Thames Valley Police biker, PC Derek Ingram became a police motorbike officer after joining the Force 19 years ago. Since then, he has dealt with accidents and incidents on roads throughout Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire and is a member of The SEG (Special Escort Group).

In his blog below, he will describe what he comes across as he patrols the roads in his patch of Berkshire.



Something about two wheels and the open road that gets the smile broader, the feeling of freedom and the satisfaction that you really are on your own.

Or, nothing like an early morning run down to your favourite greasy spoon Café to get the appetite fired up.

I love bikes, always have done…I blame the cheesy American series ‘CHiPS’ and me as a kid wanting to be police biker.

Well, after a varied civilian life I decided I wanted to ride Police bikes, and it was there I hit my first hurdle. You have to join the Police.

Ok… join the Police I did and eventually joined the Roads Policing department at Taplow in Buckinghamshire and now I patrol the Berkshire towns of Slough, Windsor, Bracknell and so on..19 years later and I’m still enjoying it.

Each month I will update this part of the ‘Safer Rider’ website with the varying bike related incidents my colleagues and I come across.

It will feature the good, the bad and the insane I am sure but hopefully it will put over the message that at TVP we want you to enjoy the bike but be safe, and to make sure at the end of each day you arrive home in the same way you left (maybe minus a few mm of rubber and about a tank of petrol!).

So, I look forward to sharing some of my experiences and advice. All that leaves me to say until next time is; keep it sunny side up and the rubber on the tarmac!



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