Y-Anchor Ground Anchor

Does exactly what is says on the tin. This is a good quality ground anchor sunk into the floor of your garage or hard standing. Bearing the ‘Sold Secure’ logo, you can be assured of a good quality product.

Fitting is a bit of a handful, The Y-Anchor needs to be sunk deep into the ground and therefore needs a bit of elbow grease (and a big drill) to excavate a hole big enough to accommodate it. Pins are inserted into the anchor, below ground level, which ensures that thieving scum can’t pull it out of the ground without some heavy duty kit.

The down side is the shape. I have cable loop locks but the locking mechanism won’t easily navigate the ‘Y’ shape of the anchor, without some huffing and puffing as well as two cups of tea. However for larger chains there is a Y-Max 90 which has a larger diameter. To figure out which one you need just measure and check before you buy.


The best bit about this product is the way the anchor will sit flush with the ground and won’t get in the way when wheeling your pride and joy around the parking area.

Over all, this is an excellent quality product that has stood the tests of the Sold Secure logo. It is easy to recommend this product as it does exactly as described. If it is half as hard to get out as it was to get in, you know your pride and joy will rest securely.

You can check out the Y-Anchor website here

Review by Darren Carnell.


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