Creating Space

A good rider will be able to place the machine in the safest position on the road, relative to everything that is going on around them. The greater the speed, the more difficult it is to keep the bike in the safest position.

Make sure that you can see as well as be seen. Think about where to place the bike on the road so that you can maintain your safety and allow others to see you at the earliest opportunity.

Some riders make the mistake of getting too close to the vehicle ahead, and the driver in front will lose sight of them. Drop back and give the driver ahead the opportunity to find you in their mirrors. This also increases your safety margins. Getting too close means you will react to the brake lights in front rather than responding to what you can see further ahead.

By building space around you, you will not only improve your safety but your ability to plan and make smoother progress.

Creating space may require a little thought and knowledge, but it can make a real difference to your safety and overall enjoyment.

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