A413 Buckingham to Aylesbury

The A413 Buckingham to Aylesbury (via Winslow) has the dubious distinction of being the road which carries the highest risk of a fatal collision involving a moped or motorbike in Thames Valley.


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Between December 1 2002 and November 30 2007, there have been 30 collisions involving two wheeled motor vehicles on this 23.7km stretch.

A total of 36 people have been injured in these collisions. Of those 36, 11 suffered serious injuries. A further 2 people died.

The information below has been written by a Thames Valley Police motorcycle officer. It is designed to help highlight potential dangers on the road.

The A413 is very popular with bikers, but it is important to remember that this road runs through a very rural area and we ask that you consider the people that live and work here.

A413 Aylesbury to Buckingham (14.3 miles)

In the last 3 years 2 motorcyclists were killed and 12 were seriously injured. A further 16 were slightly injured. In total 30 riders were involved in collisions along this short section of road. 2 riders were killed negotiating left hand bends, drifting wide and colliding with oncoming vehicles.

Many collisions involved inattention of the rider.

Most collisions on the A413 were at its junction with the B4032 junction to Swanbourne, south of Winslow.

The aim of this page is to provide information to help you remain safe. This 18 mile stretch of road is very popular with bikers. It is important to remember that this road runs through a very rural area and we ask that you consider the people that live and work here.

Aylesbury to Buckingham – 17 Miles

As you leave Aylesbury the national speed limit begins after you exit the roundabout for Watermead. The first section of road between here and Hardwick is through a series of twisting curves controlled by solid white lines. Be careful when the road rises at Weedon Hill as this particular location has seen more than its fair share of collisions over the years. Ease off and maintain a good view ahead.


From Aylesbury you drop downhill towards a left-hand curve and the village of Hardwick. You will pass over a bridge and hidden on your left, just on the exit side, is an entrance to a farm. As you drop down the hill you will notice the SLOW sign painted onto the road; it is there for a reason.

Look to the left and you will see the farm, the entrance opens onto the road just around the curve. You can see the track and any vehicles moving to or from the road. But be aware that vehicles may be turning into the track from the main road still out of your view, so reduce speed and wait until you can see the way ahead is clear. Be aware and look properly.

Just past the farm the road sweeps around to the right, watch out for the metal inspection cover towards the nearside and on the riding line.

When travelling towards Aylesbury the road through Hardwick is a left-hand bend. The riding line would normally be towards the crown of the road but beware there are three metal inspection covers right on the riding line through here so modify your road position and reduce the speed accordingly.

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