Wing to Winslow

Wing to Winslow (18 miles)

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The aim of this page is to provide information to help you remain safe. This 18 mile stretch of road is very popular with bikers. It is important to remember that this road runs through a very rural area and we ask that you consider the people that live and work here.

Wing to Stewkley

As you enter the Stewkley Road from Wing, you immediately enter a national speed limit zone (60mph). But before you wind the throttle open just take a good look at this first part of the Stewkley Road. The road here is bordered by tall hedging fronting the road, and if you look over to the right you will see a warning sign for “Cattle”. The road ahead does not reveal that there is an entrance to a farm but it is only a short distance further on, hidden by the vegetation.

If you look to the bottom of the hill you will see chevron markers for a small bridge and a public footpath finger post to the offside. There is a warning sign to the nearside indicating a left hand junction and the farm entrance is just before the bridge. So within a very short distance you will be faced with a range of hazards in a very confined area, all of which are obscured by the surrounding vegetation. This road is used heavily by local traffic and vehicle speeds are surprisingly quick through here, so be aware, give yourself time and look for the hazards.

As you pass through the bridge you will see a junction to your left that leads to Cublington and Whitchurch. As you pass the junction the road rises through a right-hand curve and you will see the top of a radio mast. This is situated in a farm to the left of the road and gives early warning that there is an entrance to the road ahead. Again the hedging through this part of the road is high and actually hides the farm until you are almost upon it. Using the clues will help you anticipate problems early and allow you to plan accordingly.

Look for the public footpaths that cross the road through here, there are three of them very close to the farm. The hedging reduces and the views begin to open out as you reach the top of the rise. There is another warning sign, this time “Accompanied Horses and Ponies”. There is a large chicken farm to the left, and this should alert you to the possibility of meeting heavy vehicles moving to and from the farm.

A short distance on you will approach the village of Stewkley. The road on the approach is straight, but don’t ignore the two advance warning signs of a “Hidden Dip” in the road. Look ahead and if you cast your view to the right-hand hedge line you will gain a good indication of the severity of the dip in the road. You will even see the top of the village signpost if you look closely enough. The dip will easily hide a vehicle so make yourself aware.

Stewkley is a beautiful village and there is a tea shop just in on the left for those that need a break.

Stewkley to Mursley

As you reach the end of the village you will see the national speed limit signs ahead, but be aware of a few hazards that you need to consider. If you look to the offside you will see a traffic calming island placed in the opposing carriageway, beyond which is the crossroads junction with Bletchley Road. This is a busy road used by local traffic so consider the road position that will give other road users the best opportunity to see you.

As you pass through the crossroads and enter the national speed limit, check the offside cross-view for a farm. The entrance is closer than you might imagine and not immediately clear. A short distance ahead you will notice a large cream coloured building to the left which is a nursery fronted by a tall hedge shielding a view into the entrance. Again, think about your road positioning.

As you approach, look ahead and note the road goes round to the right. There is an advance warning of a left-hand bend with a junction to the offside. There is a slow sign on the road and a building to the left on the apex of the bend itself. Once again there are a lot of potential problems, so don’t just see this as a couple of bends. There is an entrance to the building right in the middle of the bend as well as the junction to the offside and a public footpath. Consider an appropriate speed that will allow time to deal with these hazards so they can be dealt with safely.

When approaching this area from Mursley, you will approach a right hand bend with a junction to the nearside. The only other thing that you will see is what appears to be a small wooded area to the right that completely hides the buildings in view from the opposing direction. Think about your positioning and be aware of the potential problems.

Double Bends

As you leave the junction towards Mursley you will approach the first of several double bends. The hedgerows are low enough to afford a good cross-view for quite a distance enabling you to see oncoming traffic early. The first bend is to the left and there is a Chevron marker board indicating that the curve is sharp. Be aware that this is a tight curve and just beyond is a right-hand curve that you cannot see, but which is detailed by the advance warning. For those riding towards Stewkley, both curves are available to view.

A short distance on there is another series of tight bends. Consider your road positioning as this is a very used road and some of the views are restricted by tall hedging and trees.

Mursley to Winslow

As you reach Mursley the road bears left away from the village towards Winslow. As you turn into this road you will see a double bend sign, the first bend is to the left. Take note of the restricted view and the entrances opening onto the road. Consider your positioning to maximise your safety as well as giving other traffic the opportunity to see you early on. It is a very short distance to the village of Swanbourne.

To reach Winslow, turn left at the junction adjacent to the church. As you turn note the “School Children” sign. It is wise to consider that children may be around whether it is a school day or not. It is a short ride from here to Winslow but be vigilant through the last few bends as houses border the road and the views are very restricted.

The next time you travel this road, look for the areas highlighted and ask yourself if you saw them the last time you travelled through. Enjoy your riding, take responsibility and remain safe.

Maintain your levels of concentration and observation and plan ahead.

The national speed limit is 60 mph. Urban roads are generally 30 mph unless otherwise signed.

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