Avon Calling

This month Craig from the Safer Roads Partnership managed to secure a pair of Avon Storm 2 Ultra tyres to test. These reasonably priced sports tyres were kindly donated by Graham Matcham from Cooper Tyres. I will post regular updates regarding the tyres grip, feel, wet weather performance and wear, in future maintenance pages so watch this space! Clive Hoy from KTM Bracknell fitted the Avon hoops to my rims this week and I will be putting the tyres through their paces next month when Del and I complete our annual pilgrimage to Normandy with twelve other “Black Rats”. I have been advised that Avon will replace a tyre free of charge should you be unfortunate enough to pick up a puncture within the first hundred miles of the tyre’s life!

Also this month I have totally prepped my Blackbird for the five day, estimated 1200 mile trip to the continent. Apart from servicing the bike and changing the brake pads which I have described in previous posts, I also drained and replaced the fork oil on the front suspension. This might sound like a job for a bike dealer only. Well on a few machines with upside down forks, this is the case however. On most bikes with conventional forks the task takes only a short time to complete with very little mechanical knowledge and even less specialist tools. I will be describing this procedure next month in more detail. Trust me the procedure is simple and the difference it made to the front end of my “Bird” is amazing… (Don’t tell the wife!).

In response to my request I put out last month, asking for problems you readers encounter when maintaining your own machines I received the following request for help.

Graham Lloyd from Slough asked.

After fitting yet another electrical item to my bike, do they make such a thing as a multi plug which I can connect to the battery once and then plug in additions with their own fuses?

A good question Graham and the answer is yes they do. You can overcome this issue cheaply and very little skill is required.

You can purchase an electrical connecter called a “Battery Terminal with Bus Bar”. Either search for the item on Google or any quality automotive outlet should stock them. The following image details the connecter which bolts onto the positive and negative sides of your battery and allows you to connect up to four auxiliary devices safely. The connecter also reduces the issue of resistance which in turn ensures you get the most out of your hot grips, Sat Navs etc.

The second image describes how to wire in your “add ons” through a switched relay.

This means the power to your devices switches off when the ignition is turned off. This is the way forward if you are like me and forget to disconnect you Sat Navs or turn off your hot grips. The below wiring diagram details how to wire up Oxford Hot Grips however it is the same for all accessories.

Approx £9.95 a pair

Switched wiring diagram

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