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Following the success of the Safer Rider ‘Crashproof Bike‘ viral, we have received a number of requests for additional training from riders who are resident outside of the area we cover. In order for us to assist these contacts we therefore need to compile a list of contacts for local training schemes.  If you support or run a training scheme in your  local area we would prefer to direct them to programmes that are endorsed by local road safety teams & would invite you to enter your details and the details of the course below.  We will provide you with feedback on number of enquiries received from your area too.

For information, the areas that we already have contacts from at present are listed below:

Bedfordshire Greater London Leicestershire Nottinghamshire
Cambridgeshire Greater Manchester Lothian South Yorkshire
Dorset Hampshire Merseyside Surrey
Durham Hertfordshire Norfolk Tyne and Wear
East Sussex Highland North East West Glamorgan
Edinburgh Kent North Yorkshire West Midlands
Essex Lanarkshire Northamptonshire Wiltshire
Gloucestershire Lancashire Northumberland Worcestershire


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