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May the 4th be with you

“Not as clear as it would seem…”

Sun’s out!

Hope you’ve all been enjoying the sunshine as much as I have these past few weeks. Weather has been great and plenty of people out and about on two wheels as well which is good to see.

I noticed that the weekends have bought a huge increase in the amount of bikes out, especially on some of our better biking roads (there is a list on the main menu, check it out)… unfortunately it also brings about some poor standards of riding as well, I witnessed this (although this is in the minority thankfully) last weekend whilst out on my own bike. A lot of double white line overtaking going on with riders that became impatient behind slower moving vehicles, apart from the 3 points on your licence and subsequent £60 fine it brings for crossing these lines, it’s also dangerous. A little patience goes a long way, and it keeps you a lot safer!

The other thing I saw was a tinted visor at night, which really is a no-no… think about it, it’s like wearing sunglasses at night when you drive your car!

Seriously though, with the lighter evenings now with us of course the tinted visors are out and about, but if there is a risk you may get caught getting home in the darker hours or visibility becomes poor then you really need to be looking at whacking on that clear visor for the trip home. Simply riding home with the visor up is not a wise move; your eyes don’t like getting battered above 30/40mph and if it starts raining it starts to sting and you run the risk of something bigger hitting your face/eyes… you start to subject your eyes to quite a bit of abuse, you only get one pair so look after them… take that clear visor with you!