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Size matters

Whatever you wear when you ride is down to CHOICE. Police can only make you wear a crash helmet the rest is down to you (unless you ride naked then we’ll be stopping you for that as well!)

Needless to say, good jackets,trousers and gloves go a long way to decreasing injury and having come off myself at 70mph I’m glad i was wearing the right kit.

Gravel rash at the speed that skin and bone wears down when in contact with tarmac is a nasty,nasty injury -whizzing about with shorts and t-shirts on really won’t help.

Saw over the weekend a bike with one small problem -the number plate was a ‘Letterbox’ (one line) style and about 5″ x 2″!

Now, I know this is a BIG gripe for a lot of you, nearly every motorcycle forum you visit will have a post/thread regarding an individual who was stopped for a small plate and felt hard punished by the stopping officer. The law states, quite clearly, what the dimensions of your plate should be and more recently regulations have been tightened.

We know that there are a large number of you out there that have smaller plates purely for vanity or cosmetic reasons, but the line has to be drawn when the plate cannot be read from a distance of more that 5ft.

20.5 metres is the required distance to be able to clearly read a plate, and if your plate can be read clearly from that distance then you should be fine. Anything smaller than that is going to draw attention from the Police so think wisely before you remove the original plate (which I agree often resemble a sail from the ‘Cutty Sark’) and replace it with a smaller one.

However stick a letterbox style plate on your bike, even if it’s bigger than the bike, will get you a tug, think wisely!!