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Mind the Gap

Bike meets seem to be winding down at the moment , usual thing..cold weather and lack of enthusiasm from the fairer riders amongst us and no problem with that….these people are now moving back into cars to tackle the daily commute and if you have the option of a car or bike then i would say it makes sense to use the car in bad weather….the ‘hardened’ two wheelers amongst us tend to frown upon it but it does make sense….why subject your bike to all the salt and poor road conditions and then you to all the elements and cold and wet weather when you could just hop in the car, turn up the heater and go to work knowing your pride and joy is tucked in from harms way and your not in need of a full thermal outfit!…..but,each to thier own!

As in most of life’s scenarios a little common sense can go a long way..for us it’s the difference between staying upright and not…a simple way to aid filtering and progression in general is to ‘present’ yourself to the other motorist in front…put yourself on ‘display’ and attract his/her attention..once they see you they can then react to you..once you get the reaction then you can choose the suitable action to take..just a little patience goes a long way and will help you to keep it upright!