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Risk Takers

Riders and drivers are disqualified for a good reason, Magistrates have deemed them not to be of a competent standard anymore and that the risks they took warrant removing thier priviledge to drive or ride and that’s the key word ‘Priviledge’. It is not a given ‘right’ to possess a driving licence, it is a priviledge. Abuse it and you lose it!

I’ve noticed an alarming increase in the number of ‘ped riders’ in and around our areas that seem to think they are above the Law. ‘Ped riders’ tend to be twist and go mopeds ridden by 16yr olds and although the majority are law abiding an alarming amount are not.

We regularly run Ridestart courses which are aimed at this group of young riders aimed at upping their skills and getting them on the right track. You can find out more on our ridestart page here.